Basic care for motorcycle



Basic care for motorcycle!

Every motorist would want their ride to be maintained well, and have economical fuel usage like 4-stroke motorcycle. For those who uses motorcycle as their operational vehicle, surely hope that their ride will last for long amount of time.

For the bikers/motorist, taking care of engine condition and the motor attribure is a MUST.
"After reaching the motor mileage which usually at maximal 3000km, engine oil must be replaced.

So, there are many kind of care and maintenance that you should do regularly, which are::

1. Check your motor cycle spark plug
Plug is very vital for the smoothness of motor engine, "Check the plug,  if still feasible to use, can be used again. But when it reached 12 thousand km, the spark plugs should be replaced.

Note also the state of the coil wire connecting the electric current to the spark plug, when it is old enough, and it appears  to be some crack and hardening in the cable, then it should be replaced immediately.

2. Check the Carburetor Filter
Carburetor Filter divided into two kinds, the dry one and the wet one. The wet filter model, cleaned by using gasolin then lubricated by oil. " Generally motor from 90's- 2000 uses this kind of filter.

Average motor output of 2000 upwards, typically using a dry type. How to treat them fairly easily, namely live sprayed with a compressor. "But this model also has a weakness, that must be replaced every reaches 25 thousand km and should not be exposed to oil or oil," said 23-year-old man.

Oil filters must also be considered, "Motor 90s do not use the oil filter, but for the type of motor in 2000 to the top, using the oil filter and must be replaced approximately every 10 thousand kilometers."

3. Check Chain and Gear settings
Do not let the chain is too loose or too tight, "When the chain slack, just set. But if dry, simply smeared with a special oil chain (chain lube). Typically, the chain should be replaced when it reaches 25 thousand to 35 thousand kilometers."

Motorcycle hobbyist since elementary school, also advise you to not forget to check the condition of the gear. "If it is sharp, quick change, because otherwise the chain may break up suddenly. 

Matic is a special type of motor using V / Belt, the chain can not be set and must be replaced every 25 thousand km. When the chain and gear was in order, all check the front and rear brake linings, replace if already visible thinning.

4. Clean the carburetor
Clean the pilot and main jet motors. To set manually wind the motor type (artificial 90s to the 2000s), cap screws and open wind suit slowly anticlockwise, maximum 1/2 rounds.

For Vacuum type, ie the motor output of 2000 upwards, also the same, namely the pilot and main jet cleaning. "The difference is only in Settings wind, for this type, a maximum of 2 ½ spins counter-clockwise," he explained. For adjusting valve 4 stroke motors, are every 12 thousand to 18 thousand km.

5. Check Battery Condition
Motors made in 2000 to the top, generally has been using this type of dry battery that does not require special care (non-maintenance). "But every three years, maximum, must be replaced".
"While the motor that uses a wet battery, need to be checked every 10 thousand km. When the water run the battery dry, immediately filled," he continued.
The characteristics of the battery wet conditions are already weak, incapable in starter motors. I do not recommend to force the motor turns on the way in the push, because this can damage the transmission gear.
6. Heat the motor engine 
Preheat the engine before it can run, no need for long, just 1-2 minutes. Function, so that the entire oil circulation can lubricate moving parts in the engine. "No need for long heating it, because it will make the exhaust pipe yellowing."

7. Use Original SparepartAlthough the original parts a little more expensive, but you will feel satisfied because it is more durable and the quality is guaranteed in the appeal were false.
In addition to some of the above, I am also reminded of the bikers to always check your tire pressure. "The pressure is not too hard and not less, because it can cause the motor to be damaged tire."
The above treatments actually can do yourself, but if you do not have time or do not understand how, look for the service station where the service subscription, or that you can trust. If you are friendly and diligent care of the vehicle, then your favorite motorcycle will always perform excellent.

Source: sammy-motorcycleworlds