The difference between Flyer, Brochure, Poster and Catalogue

There's some people who believe that the term flyer was takne from the way it's distributed in World War I, which is by spreading it from a plane while its flying! In that time flyer become a very effective propaganda tool. Because it was distributed by wind, that could touch every area. You must be able to imagine how crowded the sky was because of that paper rain.

So what is the content of a flyer? Of course it must be different one another, depend on the function of that flyer. But there's one dominant element which is information. Either it is in form of text or visual. Flyer in the core was made to tell and also a persuasive approaching tool, to persuade or even form opinion for many people. It also varies in format, probably if on in an ealier time it only has a square shape and look like a standard post card but if nowdays, don't be shocked, starting from an A4 size to a Business card size, there are even some that look asymetrical. It doesn't matter how it looked but there's on characteristic from flyer which is it's validity period. Flyer usually shared some moment before an event happened and after that the information provided in it was not relevant anymore. A weakness? Not necessarily! This thing was the thing that allow the designer to experimenting. In this instant space and media, they were allowed to experimenting and creating intresting visual innovation. Just like Packaging desing theory, Flyer only have around 1/5 seconds to "catch" the target audience's eye. That was the thing that kept the designer to competing the most eye catching and memorable design.

Looking close with flyer, brochure usually contain information or explanation about a product, service, public facility, company profile, school, or other with the intent to introduce the product and as an advertising medium. Infromation in a brochure was written in a brief language, and meant to be easily understood in a short period of time. If consist more that one page, brochure usually printed in both sides, and folded with a certain pattern to form a number of separate panel, while if it is more than one pages bounded by thread, wire, or just arranged without being bound.
Brochure is the medium that are oftenly used by business people. This media is very effective in influencing consumer to buy a product. Effective here is not only mean low production cost, but also could convience consumer to use what we offer. Printed medium in a form of brochure usually is the basic asset used by salesman, sales agen and producent to be able to inform to consument about the advantages of a product, what benefit the consument could get if buying our product, physical form, color, size also how to get that product.

The basic differences of poster with other promotion media is poster usually read by moving people; probably while driving or having a walk. While brochure, booklet, and flyer was designed to be read in a particular way, probably while sitting or while standing. Because of that poster must be able to attract it's reader attention immediately, and in count of seconds, the message must be understood.
Poster used in various needs, but usually it only concern one of four purposes below::
1. Announcing/ Introducing an event
2. Promoting a service
3. Selling a product
4. Form an opinion, attitude or perspective (propaganda)
Because the target usually is a moving people, A good poster should be able to:
1. Successfully deliviring information quickly
2. Ideas and Content that attracts attention
3. Influence, Form opinion / perspective
4. Use striking color
5. Apply simplicity principle.

This media usually contain information that are more complete than a flyer or brochure, it's very appropriate for promoting product in a large number. Catalogue contain more complete information, from information about products specification, products picture, advantages and benefits, and even often informed the prices inside of it. Catalogue will allow consumer to be able to choose which product that siots their wants and budget. Sometimes the products displayed in a catalogue also come with discount info. An example of a catalogue were those uses by big department store.


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