One Side by Re.

Here I am,
with my stupid face and awkward body. People like you doesn't fall in love with people like me.
And it's not like I ever stand a chance, even in the slightest way.
She loves you and you both have history. While I'm just a tourist, getting lost in an isolated island-
hoping that I could build my home there. Turns out the storm and the waves decide to collide, leave me drowning and lifeless.
It's not like don't want to be with you because I do, with every veins attached in my body.
You know, sometimes I just want to be selfish and betray everyone around me just to have you by myself.
But it's just
so hard,
We're not even that close for me to have this unbelievably deep feeling for you. I lost count on how many times I had to knit my heart back together. It has been broken thousand times,
perhaps thousand more.

But I realize that love doesn't  need a declaration.
It's just as simple as feeling your own smile curl up when you see that someone from a far.
A secret glance of head. And I know it very, very well.
I love you with the way you tilt your head when you're concentrating.
I love you through every impossibilities between us.
And I even love you when you're holding her hand so tightly, that I need to
And that's love-
Sometimes love doesn't have to be the posessive pronoun in every sentences of you and I. 
What's more enough than that? 
What's more enough than seeing someone you love being happy with someone else, and deep inside you slowly accept it and be happy about it?

Absolutely more than enough.

This poem was written by Re. from
And featured with the writer permission